Date TBD

$950 per team


2024's 2025's 2026's 2027's

24's 25's 26's full checking  unless agreed upon otherwise by BOTH coaches.

27's - no checking

Genesee Valley (grass fields)

1717 Rayville Rd

Parkton, MD 21120

*Fields and parking are up the hill past the main entrance to Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center

Contact: Mike LaMonica - mike@lamonicasports.com

Click here for Field Map

Other important things to note:


2X 30min halves with 5 min halftime (60 minute games)


No Pets please (Private Property - house rules)


No drop offs on Rayville Rd. (creates a ridiculous traffic back up)

**We are always at the mercy of Mother Nature. If conditions become unsafe we will postpone/cancel play immediately. The same would apply if the fields are deemed unplayable by Genesee Valley staff prior to the start of the event.

LaMonica Sports Inc. camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender)
Contact LaMonica Sports Inc.: mlamonica@towson.edu |  Tel: 410-704-2961