Date TBD

$950 per team


2024's 2025's 2026's 2027's

24's 25's 26's full checking  unless agreed upon otherwise by BOTH coaches.

27's - no checking

Genesee Valley (grass fields)

1717 Rayville Rd

Parkton, MD 21120

*Fields and parking are up the hill past the main entrance to Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center

Contact: Mike LaMonica - mike@lamonicasports.com

Click here for Field Map

Other important things to note:


2X 30min halves with 5 min halftime (60 minute games)


No Pets please (Private Property - house rules)


No drop offs on Rayville Rd. (creates a ridiculous traffic back up)

**We are always at the mercy of Mother Nature. If conditions become unsafe we will postpone/cancel play immediately. The same would apply if the fields are deemed unplayable by Genesee Valley staff prior to the start of the event.